Our Team

Meet our incredible staff!


Angela Lang, Executive Director

Angela Lang was born and raised in the heart of Milwaukee. She has an extensive background in community organizing. In the past, Angela served as both an organizer and State Council Director for the Service Employees International Union, working on such campaigns as the Fight for 15. Before joining BLOC's team as Executive Director, Angela was the Political Director with For Our Future Wisconsin. She is a graduate of Emerge Wisconsin and has had the pleasure of being the featured trainer for Emerge's Diversity Weekend since 2015. Angela is motivated by making substantial and transformative change in her community while developing young, local leaders of color. Her journey in organizing hasn't always been easy, but through it all she has remained a fierce advocate for securing more seats at the table for those who represent the New American Majority.


Keisha Robinson, Program Director

Keisha enjoys reading, researching, and a good basketball game every now and then. She takes great personal satisfaction in her work with BLOC, and she looks forward to the road that lies ahead. As an advocate for self-care, she retains her cool composure by setting aside time to get in touch with herself.

Rick Banks, Political Director/Organizer

Rick Banks is a Milwaukee native who is joining BLOC after spending three years as a neighborhood organizer. He’s been an activist and an organizer in Milwaukee since 2010 when he was spurred by protests following the passage of ACT 10. Rick proudly identifies as pro-labor, pro-student rights, pro-women & LGBT+ equality, and he strongly opposes white supremacy and police violence. Rick is a graduate of DemTeam, Democratic Leadership Institute, Neighborhood Leadership Institute, and the Associates in Commercial Real Estate Program. Rick's personal mission is the political and economic advancement of Black people.