Democratic Participation

We can't make real change if we don't have a seat at the table. Representation in local government is vital for achieving progress on issues that affect people of color. Every vote matters, and we are mobilizing Black communities in order to reach significant electoral victories. 

Supporting Youth


Public Education

The next generation of leaders must be given the opportunities they need to thrive. This means coming up with creative solutions to create jobs and career paths for our youth. We must take bold steps towards dismantling barriers that prevent young people from establishing a firm foothold in the community.

Uplifting our community starts with investing in strong public schools where students are given the chance to flourish. Education is the bedrock of progress, and we will work to eradicate educational disparities in Milwaukee County that impede upward mobility. BLOC will work to assist and empower local leaders and school board members who share our vision. 


Public Safety

Public safety must be addressed in Milwaukee — but it has to be done in innovative ways that give Black communities the chance to thrive. 

It’s time to question long-held assumptions that have failed to bring about safety in Milwaukee. What are the root problems that must be addressed? How can we rethink the relationship between police and communities to create an carceral system that doesn’t prey upon Black and Brown bodies? BLOC will take the lead on fostering conversations about the steps we must take to bring security to our communities. 

The 2016 shooting of Syville Smith pointed a national spotlight on police brutality directed towards communities of color in Wisconsin. Black Americans are 3 times more likely to be killed by police than white Americans, and the offending police officers are rarely held accountable. 

BLOC is committed to working against systems of white supremacy that lead to the criminalization of Black and Brown people. We support policies that will lead to greater transparency and accountability within police departments. Fair and equitable policing is essential for ensuring safety in Wisconsin's Black communities.